Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Myrtle Village LLC?

Myrtle Baptist Church has formed Myrtle Village LLC to develop affordable housing opportunities in Newton, Massachusetts.


What is the Myrtle Village LLC intending to develop?

Our first project entails creating seven units of affordable, deed restricted rental housing at two existing properties located at 12 and 18-20 Curve Street, West Newton, MA. The creation of the seven units will be through a combination of rehabilitation of the existing structures and new construction.


Since Myrtle Village is affordable housing, are there income limits?

Yes, the income limits will be 50%, 70% and 85% of Area Median Incomes (AMI) for household size as determined by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


How will the tenants be selected? Do you have to be a member of Myrtle Baptist Church?

No, you do not have to be a member of the Church, nor will Church affiliation be considered in choosing the tenants.

The tenants will be chosen by lottery using an Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing and Resident Selection Plan approved by the City of Newton and the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Development.

Local Preference will be given for a total of four (4) of the units at Myrtle Village. Local preference will be determined as follows:

* Current residents: A household in which one or more members is living in Newton, MA at the time of application.

* Municipal Employees: Employees of the City of Newton including but not limited to: teachers, firefighters, police officers, librarians and city hall employees.

* Employees of Local Businesses: Employees of businesses located in Newton, MA.

* Households with children attending schools in Newton, MA, such as METCO students.


Will there be handicapped accessible units?

Yes, the 1 bedroom unit will be single-level and meet Group2A design and construction standards of 521 CMR 2. We will also incorporate accessible design features on the first floor of two of the 2 bedroom units and the front and rear entrances will be ‘visitable’.


I have additional questions, where can I get answers?

Please send any questions to myrtlevillage@gmail.com

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